I’ve been working in graphic arts for over twenty years. I worked as a freelancer seasonally and at other times I had my own graphic & signs companies both in Argentina and also in Spain. In the recent years I have worked as art-worker in several companies in the UK and now I´m starting my own adventure to joint my two passions:
Graphic Design and Authoring books.






I was born and grow in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and I keep that great city’s heart deep in my soul, wild and impersonal.

I love Buenos Aires, however I have found a faraway place to live. Another great city, in which I can find those same stories, with the lure of the exotic. I lived in Gijón, in the beautiful Asturias, for many years. Lately and for five years (more or less) I’ve been living in Kingston Upon Thames, at the south of London, England.

I’m forty-seven, father of two, Nico (24) and Sofi (19), my treasures in life.

I’m a graphic designer and “indie” writer.


You can read more about me on my writer´s website: