Please read all the text please, before confirming your request.

1. The client acknowledges that he / she has obtained all rights and permits to publish materials that will be used in the project and will be solely responsible for the materials and the validity of the copyrights, trademarks and property claimed by the client. . Finder Design and its employees will never be liable for any defamation, copyright infringement or infringement permissions, resulting from the action or materials that the client provides. Finder Design is not responsible for the contents of the book, or the materials, including the company name, colors and / or fonts, chosen by the client in its design. The copyright of the creations and designs are transferred to the client and no claim will be made by Finder Design, in terms of uses or editions. Some stock images have these limitations and the client will be informed about this in each case.
The images used to create the covers come from Digital Image Banks and are not exclusive, which means that in rare cases it may be the case to find the same image used to promote or illustrate similar products or web pages. Finder Design will not be responsible for this circumstance. The design and layout are made with the inclusion of said image and the same image will not be used for two different covers and / or different clients in any of my works. Digital data banks can sell the license of the same image to other customers. Finder Design is based on delivering the best relationship between quality and price and this method, used by hundreds of designers around the world, is the best way to deliver great value at an affordable price to our customers.
The rights to the final design are granted to the client and no mention is required, or attribution of the design in the book. (See point 9)

2. All information and materials of the client are considered confidential and only for use by Finder Design, to provide a quote or complete a project. The customer information and project materials will not be delivered or shared with third parties, unless requested otherwise by the client.
3. Finder Design reserves the right to use the name, final images and title of the client book on the Finder Design website to market and promote our services.

4. Upon receipt of the full payment, Finder Design grants the customer the exclusive license to use the final cover design work (PDF, another JPEG or publication list format) for his / her book and / or book cover electronic and associated promotional materials.
5. If the client wants any alteration, he / she will consult with Finder Design. The client understands that additional payments may be necessary to make these alterations.
6. The customer agrees to abide by the terms of any license agreement of any of the images acquired by Finder Design through a third-party image provider for use in the design of the cover of the customer’s book. For books with a large print run, additional license fees may apply. The images used for the cover of the clients are free of rights. However, this image is copyrighted and can not be distributed in any other way than in the design of the book cover.
7. Finder Design reserves the right to use the design book cover, the name and title of the final book of the client on the website and portfolios of Finder Design and to market and promote our services.
8. If the client supplies Finder Design with materials subject to intellectual property rights of a third party, the client will ensure the rights to use the materials before incorporating them into his project. In case of an intellectual property controversy involving materials that the client provides, the client assumes legal and financial responsibility.

9. Attribution of the cover design, logos or web pages is not required, although it is desirable and will be appreciated.

10. The client is fully responsible for testing the design of the book cover provided by Finder Design. It is strongly suggested that the client request a proof of printing before publishing or requesting copies of the book. At no time shall Finder Design be financially or legally liable for any problems, costs, fees or expenses incurred by the client as a result of using the design of the book cover.
11. Finder Design is not liable for incidental, indirect, consequential, special, punitive or exemplary damages of any kind, including loss of revenue or profits, loss of business or reputation, or loss of data, in any way related to our services Finder Design is not responsible for any claim, loss or damage based on errors or other inaccuracies that appear on our site or in written documents of our clients, including, and without limitation, as a result of any breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement. Finder Design will not be held responsible for the results of promotional campaigns, marketing or sales of the work of the author, client or third parties who hire him; limited to provide a professional service and quality in the design of the cover.

12. 50% (fifty percent) of the price agreed in advance will be requested. This payment does not mean the final approval of the project, and this contract will be considered fulfilled by paying the remaining 50% plus VAT and any extra costs that will be agreed upon later in writing with the client and with the delivery of the digital products contracted and, therefore, finished. Finder Design reserves the right to suspend, deny or suspend services for any account due payments or not pay for a work contracted in the order specified in this agreement.

13. The customer or Finder Design may cancel this agreement at any time by written notice to the other party. If the client or Finder Design cancels a project before it has begun to work, neither the client nor Finder Design is under additional obligation to the other, and this contract will be considered canceled.
14. If the client must stop or cancel a book cover design work once it has begun, the client agrees to pay the cost of the images and / or any other element, tangible or in the form of data, that would have been purchased to perform the work requested during the project until the time of cancellation. The customer will not be entitled to any model sent to the customer and agrees to destroy them. If the client must stop or cancel an editing job, once it has started, the client must pay for the work done until the cancellation date.

15. The «Satisfaction Guarantee» offered, only and only guarantees the return of the amounts paid within the package contracted and discounting the costs of images and other elements (tangible or software) that have been purchased specifically for the performance of the requested work.
16. Any work for which the final payment has been received will be considered approved. The «Satisfaction Guarantee» expires at the time of the total payment of the work and does not include any guarantee on subsequent results, in the amount of sales of copies, or in future changes in the design, or any event or result subsequent to the end of the design works.

17. This agreement is the agreement of all parties. No additional promises or conditions, written or oral, apply to this agreement that are not included in this document.

18. Any modification of the provisions of this agreement will not be valid and enforceable unless it is confirmed in writing and signed by all parties, either on paper or by e-signature.

19. The finding of any provision of this agreement was invalid or not enforceable does not render the remaining provisions invalid or not applicable.

20. Use of Cookies
The website Finder Design may use cookies (small text files that the server sends to the computer of the person accessing the page). It is a technique commonly used on the Internet to carry out certain functions that are considered essential for the proper functioning and visualization of the site. The cookies used on the website are, in any case, temporary in nature with the sole purpose of making their subsequent transmission more efficient and disappear when the user’s session ends. Under no circumstances will cookies be used to collect personal information.
From the client’s website it is possible that it is redirected to content from third-party websites. Since the provider can not always control the contents introduced by third parties on their websites, it does not assume any responsibility for such content. In any case, the provider agrees to the immediate withdrawal of any content that may contravene national or international legislation, morality or public order, proceeding to the immediate withdrawal of the redirection to said website, informing the authorities the content in question.

21. Protection of personal data
The provider complies with the Spanish regulations for the protection of personal data, and guarantees full compliance with the obligations laid down in Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21, which approves the Regulations for the development of the LOPD and other regulations in force at each moment, and ensures the correct use and treatment of the user’s personal data.

22. Anti-spam policy
The provider is completely against the sending of unsolicited commercial communications and any type of behavior or manifestation known as «spam», also declares committed to the fight against this type of abusive practices.
Therefore, the provider guarantees the user that under no circumstances personal data collected on the website will be transferred, shared, transferred, or sold to any third party.
For the same reasons, the registration process should not be used to register email addresses of outsiders without the express consent of the affected persons. Finder Design implements as a countermeasure to this practices a double opt-in mailing list that requires the explicit confirmation by the owner of the email account indicated as the subscription address, before receiving communications by email.
In the event that a user still receives communications from this website without having registered, or without having given his express consent to said registration, he may cancel the subscription from the links provided in the communication itself.
In addition, the user can contact us through the contact form that is maintained on the website, both to communicate what happened and to request the immediate removal of your data from our system.

23. Data hosting
For technical reasons and quality of service, the Finder Design is hosted on the servers of the company (privacy policy). For similar reasons, the provision of the subscription service by email and newsletter delivery is made from the facilities of the company MailChimp (privacy policy).

24. Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a statistical data analysis service provided by the company Google (privacy policy). Finder Design uses this service to track its usage statistics.
Google Analytics uses cookies to help the website analyze statistical data on its use (number of total visits, most viewed pages, etc.). The information generated by the cookie (including your IP address) will be directly transmitted and filed by Google on servers in the United States.
Google will use this information on our behalf for the purpose of generating statistical information on the use of Finder Design, Google will not associate your IP address with any other data available to Google. Google may transmit such information to third parties when required by law, or when such third parties process the information on behalf of Google.
You can reject the processing of data or information by rejecting the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate configuration of your browser, however, to do so, will limit the full functionality of Finder Design. By using this website, you consent to the processing of information by Google in the manner and for the purposes indicated above.
25. Consent to the processing of personal data of the user
In the framework of its activities, Finder Design has the possibility of registering users to send communications by email, make comments on the blog and send messages through the contact form.
The user by means of the acts of subscription to the blog, making comments or the contact form will be giving his express consent to the treatment of the personnel provided according to the provisions of article 6 of the LOPD. The user may exercise their rights under the terms set forth in article 5 of the LOPD.
These same acts also imply the express consent of the user to the international transfer of data that occurs in terms of the LOPD due to the physical location of the facilities of the aforementioned providers.
The personal data requested in these activities, will be incorporated into a file whose purpose is the communication of news about the website of Finder Design acting as the provider responsible file. The fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory, and it is impossible to carry out the expressed purpose if these data are not provided. You are also informed of the possibility of exercising the rights indicated in the section relating to the User’s Rights.

26. User rights
In accordance with the provisions of article 5 of the LOPD, the user is informed that the exclusive purpose of the registration database is the sending of information on news related to the website Finder Design. Only the owners will have access to your data, and under no circumstances will this data be transferred, shared, transferred or sold to any third party.
In accordance with the provisions of the LOPD, the user at any time may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition to the provider.
To facilitate the exercise of these rights, a drop-off link is provided in all communications, which will result in the immediate elimination of the user’s personal data from our database.

27. Affiliation links
Finder Design occasionally uses affiliate links to products and services from brands that have established an affiliate program. These links are used exclusively after making use of said products and services, or having carried out tests that allow assessing that they comply with an adequate level of quality.
The provider agrees not to include arbitrary affiliate links to products that do not meet the conditions described above, understanding that this type of practices would be very counterproductive to the reputation of the website that promotes them.
(Please remember to check the acceptance box of these general provisions when you hire my services)