Improving your current Book Cover

If your book have an “amateur” cover, it can make your potential readers think that the book’s contents are also low quality.

Don’t lose readers because of a “homemade” cover.

Based on your images and the title you chose for your book, I’ll create a unique, commercial and attractive cover.




Upgrading your current eBook cover u$s 72.

Upgrading your current Paperback cover u$s 102.-

     It includes:

  1. Improving your image’s definition or changing it for a more suitable image (you must provide me with the images you want to use or I can suggest some images from Free Stock Picture)
  2. I will frame and crop your images to express the book’s content.
  3. I’ll find the most appropriate typography (font)
  4. I’ll find the ideal balance between images and texts.
  5. I will deliver the cover ready to be published on Amazon, Lulu, Bubok or any platform you require. (You’ll have to attach your printing, editorial or platform requirements)
  6. The cover will be yours forever without any usage restrictions on my part. Only the restrictions imposed by the images you choose. (Generally Free Stock Internet Images don’t have any restrictions, YAY!!!)
  7. Up to three (3) changes of the proposed design.
  8. Satisfaction guarantee, if you’re not satisfied I will reimburse you.
  9. Important: The eBook Pack DOESN’T include the back cover: If you want me to work on your back cover, you’ll need to order the Upgrade for Paperback, and have to send me all the texts and images you want to include.

You need to provide me with:

Your original images

The title and subtitle of your book.

The author’s name, exactly as it’ll be written on the cover.

A synopsis of the book.

Requirements from your printer, publisher or publishing platform.

Three reviews from authors you like.

Delivery time, 5 business days plus any necessary days for the requested changes.

(It is almost always one or two days max)

Click here to read the general terms of service.

Use the following form to tell me about your idea for the perfect book cover for your book.